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The Difference Between Knowing and Understanding

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I know some do not believe in a God and some have different ideas as to who or what God is, or whether the God one person believes in, is the same as the God that another person believes in. I used to fight such ideas, but to me the search for understanding oneself and God is a very personal thing, although it is very much a shared experience. Because of that, part of me believes it makes no sense to try and convince anyone to believe in one thing over another. At the same time, I feel that it is important to be who we are. If there is a compulsion to share from the heart what one feels, I believe people should do it. To me the truth is absolute, although perceptions of it may vary from person to person and even from experience to experience. To me, the same goes for understanding God. God is absolute, but our understanding of Him may change from experience to experience. Although that may seem like a confusing take on life, to me it makes the difference between knowing and understanding.


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