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Never Missing

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It is thought by some that peace without violence takes a long time. Some even think peace to be unimaginable. It has been engrained into the consciousness, that war and violence in general, are things that we have to accept. It is the same arguments over and over. There will always be some who are hateful. You can’t control another person’s choices. Men are selfish. Men destroy whatever they get their hands on, whether it is the land they live on or the ideas that are planted in their heads.

We tell ourselves these things and each time peace is brought up, we bury the idea as if it were some fantasy, only to be had in some afterlife we do not yet know. Peace is not some faint light in a distant universe. It is not even some utopian ideal that comes around once in many generations. It is what we make of it. So whether it is many years from now, or tomorrow, it is always right in front of us. It is in every waking moment. It is in the middle of this organized chaos we perceive as our lives. But if we don’t dare to reach out to it, we will never know it, and never experience it. Peace is now. Love is now. They were never missing, just neglected.


Written by Sidewalk Bends

April 12, 2010 at 11:18 pm

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