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Seeing Eye to Eye

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Having a firm belief in something doesn’t necessarily make something true. Life is often left up to interpretation, with each of us making our own decisions as to what to believe. Some find themselves on the same road, while some find themselves standing all on their own. But which way does the scale lean? Should a belief carry more weight just because there are others to pat your back and say, “Bravo, this must surely be the way,” or should the person who stands by them self have an equal say? After all, most people tend to rely on what is told to them by others, or what has been written in history books or religious texts. Which people should be trusted? Which texts are more valid? With all these resources, surely one of them or a few of them must be right? How can one determine which is the right choice? Some say it is a matter of the intellect, and still others say it is a matter of the heart or gut intuition. But again, how does one know they are using their mind, or their intuition?

In an age where information flows so freely, or perhaps more freely than it ever has in the history of man, perhaps we are looking to the wrong resources? Perhaps the answers are not to be told by any one person or from any one book? Perhaps life’s answers do not only rest in the advice from friends and strangers, or from voices from the past, but also in our own life experiences? Perhaps life’s answers are with us at every step, always evolving and taking shape, but never really changing completely? Regardless of where we decide to look, even if it is deep within ourselves, we must all make that choice on our own. We may each think we are choosing different paths, and we may think we are alone when we make those choices, but there is always a guiding voice. Sometimes seeing eye to eye does not mean agreeing on something, but it means accepting someone for who they are.


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