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Threads of a Rug

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Oriental Rug It is one thing to have strong conviction for what one believes to be the truth if one knows where that conviction comes from, but another thing, if blinded by the many pursuits of this life and the next. Some say the truth is overrated and dictated by perception at best. At worse there are no truths and only our wants and our desires. But to live by desire is to neglect the world that is around us. The universe of our existence is not limited to us and the few we may hold dear and close. It isn’t simply the bright shiny spots of love and beauty strewn about our lives, but rather the entirety of it all.

Not everyone is out for our better good. We are not as protected and guided as we think we are, for denying the existence of the negative aspects of our lives does not negate them. We can shuffle the anger or deceit under a rug, but rugs are moved and they are rolled up. It may not happen in our time, but eventually it happens. In other words, the denial of the truth does not negate it and erase it from existence.

So whether we face the truth head on, or we prolong the inevitable, it is still inevitable. Not by our time, or necessarily by our wants does life unfold itself. We are active participants. Choices are given and choices are made. And though we may like to think the things we do and think are held in a vacuum, we are answerable to all. And if we are answerable to all, does that not mean that we all play an equal part in this life? So good or bad, whatever term we wish to attribute the goings on in our lives, we still have to face them, in one form or fashion. If facing choices simply means understanding them, why sweep life under a rug? It’s all our mess to clean or the enjoy in the end.


Written by Sidewalk Bends

March 26, 2010 at 10:44 pm

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