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Man Create’s His Own Laws

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Invoking the many names of God or seemingly enchanting and innocuous names like the “Children of the Law of One,” “Rainbow Children,” and “Universal Law” do not make a belief or way of life more true than it was before these names were used. Material upon material is written. Books claiming to give guidance are plentiful. Some claim to be the journey of the author and others are material that have been passed down from person to person as if it were some right of passage. Still yet, others are claimed to have been channeled by spirits long gone, and claiming to be this or that. Man need not titles. Spirit need not titles. Whether priest, or scientist, monk or politician, teacher, or ascended master, they are all useless monikers. You cannot preach the truth and then claim to be someone’s teacher or the leader of some group, named or unnamed. No one’s path is greater than the other. No one’s way is brighter than the other.

Who are you, that you should claim to be the mouth piece of God? Cannot God speak on His own, through the love and guidance He gives to each one of us? Does God need to defend His claim before men who have bastardized the truth? Surely if God is God, He would have no need for justification? We are all of His creation. There is no shortcut to love. There is no shortcut to understanding. All that you need is before you. Look and He is there. Close your eyes and He is there. Listen and He is there.


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