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Bodhisattva Vow

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statueIs not a true shepherd willing to lose his life or himself and all that he has in order to save one sheep, even if it is just one sheep? Should a person be judged solely by the results of their actions? Is not a person’s intent more important than their words and promises? After all, the outcome of our actions is not always seen or known to us. Promises can be made, but intent is always known despite how hidden we think them to be. It is written in our heart and in our soul, and though we may wish to hide from them, will be brought to bear.

If the goal is enlightenment, then perhaps one’s intent is already tainted by one’s ego. If one’s intent is to truly help others, then perhaps enlightenment does not matter? Is it not just another word to describe what we think we know? Perhaps in knowing, we will understand the ridiculousness of seeking out that which is not be had, but to be shared. Nirvana is not simply peace to be attained, nor even just the understanding that we are all connected. To be connected is to understand that there is no you or me. There is just One. It is not about saying the right words, nor memorizing a set of vows, nor teachings. Life is. It is without explanation, for words cannot explain God. They cannot explain unconditional love. They cannot define that which is undefinable and without boundary. They are but tools to help us on our way.

The struggle does not come from understanding why others are the way they are. The struggle comes from understanding why we are who we are, and why we still choose to see ourselves as separate. Nirvana is now. Enlightenment is now. These may just seem like words, but they are much more. They are my heart speaking to your heart. Right or wrong, it does not matter. Love all who would come to you, and even those who would not.


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