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What Would Jesus Do?

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What would Jesus do? t-shirt

It has become fashionable as of late to wear t-shirts or to display stickers on one’s car that say “What Would Jesus Do?” Maybe we should worry less about what Jesus would do in a given situation, or how much one can quote scripture, and instead listen more to what our own hearts have to tell us? People are so concerned with appearing to be good and pious, that they would sell their own souls in the process. They wear smiles on their faces and scripture on their t-shirts, but their hearts are closed to those who would ask for help. Their hearts are closed to those who would question their sincerity and to those who would dare walk a different path.

So what would Jesus do? I don’t know what Jesus would do. I would hope he would love and accept all, even those who did not believe in him, nor his ways. All I know is what I feel from my heart and what my mind tells me. And though it is hard enough to follow the compass of my own heart, it will not betray me. It will not peal off like a sticker, or fade away like some fad. It simply will be, without judgment. So rather than ask, “What Would Jesus Do,” maybe we should ask, “What does my heart tell me is right?, or “What would God have of me?”


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