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War of the Innocents

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child soldierWhile the world stops to play and enjoy its self adulation, there are those left forgotten. War rages on, people continue to starve and those in needless suffering are left without a voice. They are the innocents. They are everyday people trying to survive and live a decent life. Yet, in blatant disregard of all things that are decent, they are thrown by the wayside and left to fend for themselves. Through it all we throw up excuse upon excuse that we may sooth our discontent for all things we know to be wrong. We take pride in our nations and in our culture. We take pride in the advancements of technology and the new ways in which we choose to distract ourselves. And while we turn to pat ourselves on the back for our so-called achievements, we also turn our backs on others.

“They are off in faraway lands,” some proclaim. “As long as I am not suffering, what does it matter to me?” We’ve all heard these things before, and yet we all somehow know how ridiculous it all sounds. One day, all that we have turned our back on shall be at our doorstep. On that day, we will ask, “Where have my brothers gone?” Maybe then we will remember the war of the innocents.


Written by Sidewalk Bends

December 10, 2008 at 6:52 pm

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