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Trust No One

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The greatest piece of advice I ever received from a stranger was that a person should never fully trust anyone except God. A neighbor had told me this. I rarely spoke to him. I never really knew him. But when I needed someone’s help to move from one house to another, in a place where I knew no one, he gave me this advice. I can truthfully say I never really understood it when I first heard this. I always thought I could trust my family and those I held closest to my heart, but it always sat there in the back of my mind. In a sense I understand where he was coming from. It is not that we should not love others or keep them in our hearts, but there is no one except God who will truly never let you down for all are imperfect. Everyone has their own motives. Everyone, or it seems most everyone, is out to look after themselves, and so some are bound to be let down. Some are bound to be hurt. Is it our expectations of each other as people? It could be. Is it the lack of worth we place in others? It could be that as well. None are perfect and none should be expected to be perfect. It does not mean however that we cannot still love each other. It does not mean that we cannot accept one another.


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