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Tower Legends by Bertha Palmer LaneMan claims to speak in tongues, and it is in these tongues some claim to speak and receive messages from God/The Holy Spirit. Some say one must accept the word of God/scripture, in order to know God. But I ask you, why should anyone be limited in how they commune with all that is Holy? Who is to say, what is, and what is not the word of God? Men create lies. They stand on lies and create more lies. “Behold,” they claim, “For I have seen and experienced the gift the most high.” But if God is great and gentle and merciful, then would God not reveal to all his creatures. Perhaps he has? Perhaps he has already revealed to all, but it is up to us to listen. Perhaps the truth is not spoken in any one language, nor written in any one book, but written in a language can we all understand; inscribed onto our hearts.


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