Sidewalk Bends

Exploring the soul and it's reaches.

The World Stage

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So you want to be seen? You want to be known? Holy are those who live a life of humility. Holy are those who truly wish to help. Holy are those who give their life to assist others. Nothing you wield is of you. Teach not for yourself, but to speak that which is truth. Speak, teach and live the truth from within your heart and not to be known as more than you truly are. Others may follow you, but you wield no true power. People may worship you, but you are not to be worshiped. We are all teachers. We are all students. We are all equal, unless you see yourself as more. This world is not your stage, for you fool no one but yourself. Real people hurt. Real people struggle. Real people love. Real people live. This life is no game, unless you wish to be played.


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