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The Truth of It

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A friend had sent me an email about how they were enjoying life with their family and this was my response.

The simple truth is, truth is love and God is love, so the truth is God? hahaha. And it is what it is. You’re right, we do try to make sense of things by as you say “creating” these constructs or ideas that mold and meld other ideas together to fit into something that sort of makes sense, but doesn’t quite fit. It doesn’t quite fit because we often force things to match or force things to fit into our preconceived ideas or definitions rather than just lettings things be. Life is much simpler than we make it.

It’s not about trying to make the house payment or the car payment, or when our next vacation is, or how far we can get in our job. It’s not any of it. Those are supposed to just be means of survival. In the spiritual sense, life isn’t even really about learning to heal, or speaking with spirits, or moving things with your mind, or reading people’s minds. It isn’t about any of that. In the end it’s just about understanding how you the individual, really are not an individual. It is about understanding how you fit into the whole and how others also fit into the whole. When we figure that out, it’s no longer about you and me and them. It’s about US, all of us. It’s about finding out what makes us all different, but what makes us all the same. And what unites us is just love, unconditional love.


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