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Terminally Unique

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It just saddens me how one can be ashamed of themselves because they either hold themselves up to a high standard, because they have broken that standard, or because we feel that someone, some person, or even God would be ashamed of us for whatever reason.

I just want to remind everyone that if God is a loving God, which I believe he is, then he will love us unconditionally. He will love us for who we are, good and bad; even with all of our self-perceived inadequacies. He will help us in our deepest and darkest hour and stand by us as we walk our path, but it is also up for us to learn how to accept that help and to not close our hearts to it. Help comes in many forms, whether it is from the cheery homeless man on the street corner, who reminds us of what it means to be alive, or whether it is from a child who reminds us of just how simple life really is. Help is everywhere. It can be a lending hand, a smile, a nice gesture, a reminder, advice…but it is up for us to open our hearts and minds to all that is around us. It is there, and we must begin by trying to help ourselves.

Too many times we make excuses for ourselves. Too many times we divert ourselves from facing our own demons, from facing what really bothers us. And though yes it is true that there are forces that may try to work against us in our journey of self-betterment or from trying to help others, but we must first learn how to fight our own “demons.” We must not be afraid to face them. A good friend of mine told me something that I think is so true, and that is…”You are not terminally unique.” That is, there are many like you who face the same problems, the same issues, and because of that you should not be bogged down…because just like those who have been down your path before, there are those who have walked it, and have gotten out of it. And though it may not happen overnight, it will happen when you are truly ready to accept it. Live. Be. Love. Trust in yourself. Trust in God.

Torture yourself no longer for acceptance begins with self.


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