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Taking a Stroll

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We choose what we wish to see every day. We choose to the homeless person on the street, or we ignore. We choose to see suffering in this world, or we ignore. We choose to see the people we must share this world with, or we ignore. We choose to see the animals and creatures that live on this world with us, or we ignore. It is truly amazing. Try one day, to just walk down a busy street in the city. What do you see? Everyone walks their own way, eyes straight ahead, sometimes acknowledging people and other times ignoring them. What makes one be ignored and the other not? Are they different? Is the one you ignore truly different than the one you do not? Do you only reciprocate a smile or an acknowledgment of existence when one has been given to you?

Just the other day I was in line at a store and someone had dropped their change. It rolled everywhere. There were about 8 people in line. No one did a thing. In fact people pretended to not see or hear anything so that they would not have to own up to the fact that they did not want to help a fellow human being. The person’s hand were full, and they needed to readjust themselves before being able to bend down to grab for their change. I saw this. I bent down to help this person get their change, and still everyone seemed oblivious to all that was happening. Am I making more of something than I should? I don’t think so. What will it take for us to help each other? Does it need to be your family member or a close friend before you would be willing to help someone? We are so willing to receive help from others, but we can’t seem to give it away.


Written by Sidewalk Bends

December 10, 2008 at 7:52 am

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