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Shields Up

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When is it okay to defend yourself against those who would wish to cause harm against you? What if someone tried to attack you, but in reality they caused no harm or could cause no harm? When are you allowed to fight back as it were. Some say, the longer you wait to stop someone who is trying to attack or cause you harm, the stronger they will get. What if no matter what they tried to do to attack you, you knew you would remain unhurt? Would you still have the right to attack them in return? Certainly, you have the right to choose how you wish to react, for you have free will, but what do you hope to achieve? Do you really change people’s minds by conquering them? Do you really change and gain people’s hearts and trust by conquering them? Maybe we actually cause more harm to ourselves, by allowing our fears to take us over? Maybe we cause ourselves more harm by allowing someone else’s misunderstanding to become our misunderstanding. Maybe by putting all of our energy and focus into such misunderstandings, we end up losing ourselves, and losing focus in something we once knew to be right. When is enough, enough?


Written by Sidewalk Bends

December 10, 2008 at 7:48 am

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