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This was a response to a friend who was telling me a story about how some people would argue that unconditional love doesn’t exist, because it means you have to accept everything about a person. My friend felt that unconditional love could exist; that you could love a person but it didn’t mean you had to like one’s choices. To that I agreed, and this was my response.

Unconditional love is absolutely real and absolutely possible. To me that is the whole purpose of this life is, to understand it, to know it, to practice it.

The problem is people can only judge things by what they think they know. We judge things by our experiences and by the things we have been brought up to believe, whether they are actually true or not. We are so scared sometimes to admit we are wrong, that we will fight and fight and fight, or we will add a thought to the pot of other preconceived thoughts. It gets all jumbled up in there, and we’re forced to make sense of it. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense, and you have to scrap it.

People also have this habit of using word games to change ideas to conform to their own beliefs or to try and disprove someone else’s beliefs, when they know exactly what the other person is trying to get across. A lot of times, people do this because it is hard to admit one’s error. Ego and pride are difficult things to overcome. To realize you live a lie is a hard thing to swallow. But when you can swallow that you really may not know anything, there is a huge weight lifted. It doesn’t mean it’s an excuse to do anything. You are still accountable. It just means you can start over with a clean slate. It means, hey maybe I shouldn’t judge that person, because they really may know something I don’t know.

Sometimes you need that. It’s better to start a clean slate rather than continuing to live your life as it is, keeping the status quo. What you learn here, you take with you. Why wait till later, when you are on the boat now?


Written by Sidewalk Bends

December 10, 2008 at 7:20 am

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