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Making a Wager

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Why is it some need an intermediary in order to pray or speak to God? Does God not hear us all? Do we not all have access to God through our hearts? Does he not see, and hear and know what we do, even before we act. If we all have a personal connection with God, then why must we pray to others so that they may in turn pray for us on our behalf? Do these people, past or present, saints, priests or holy men, carry special weight with God? Are their prayers and requests bumped to the front of the queue? Are their titles not bestowed to them by man? Why does man go to any other when he can go straight to the Source? If these saints, or holy people do not hold special weight, then why should one go through them in order to speak with God?

Some say that just because they pray to saints or an intermediary does not mean that they lack faith in God, but I ask you, deep within your heart do you truly believe that? Is your faith and your belief in God as true to your heart as you say, or do you have doubt? Do you doubt God will hear your message? Do you believe that because another prays for you that your message will be heard over another’s prayers, or that the message will be made more clear. Do not our hearts speak louder than any voice? If you are trying to cover bases, does that not mean you do not know what you believe? Does that not mean you are covering all bets in case you make the wrong choice?

Is that a bet you want to make?


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