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Knit Me a Sweater

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When I am weak, will you remember me? When I am tired, will you pick me up? When I don’t want to continue on this path, will you push me ahead?

We can pray and ask for guidance all we want, but no matter what we are shown or told, we still have to make those choices, that affect how we live. Some will commit whole heartedly all they are and all they have from within their heart, and others will go just part of the distance. Even if everything within our whole being tells us something is right and another thing is not so right, or a lesser truth as it were, choices aren’t necessarily made any easier. Whichever choice we make, we’ll have to answer for them. None of us knows the consequences, but we still hope for the best. Our hearts ache and yet we still try to tell ourselves that everything will be okay. Maybe they will and maybe they won’t be alright. We sometimes think we know the way and then something in us causes us to waiver. We begin to doubt and question everything, even things we never questioned in the past. At times it seems like the tests and trials never end, one replaced by another, constantly intertwined, one decision affecting another.

I see others around me and I wonder if they can point the way. And then something in me tells me I already know the way. I just have to make that choice. Words flow like thoughts on leaves; voices in the wind in all directions. I am surrounded by others like me, one confused sheep guiding another. They know the way too. We can’t seem to trust ourselves, but we’ll have faith in each other. Soon the voices will be silenced. The distractions of this life will fade to black, and the only choice will be made clear. I wear my faith and trust like a sweater. They give me comfort. They give me hope.


Written by Sidewalk Bends

December 10, 2008 at 7:37 am

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