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Kaleidoscope Eyes

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The truth is a beautiful thing. It guides us. It helps us to not only understand who we are as individuals, who we are as part of the whole, but also who each individual is and how they too fit into the whole. Truth is truth. Some say that truth differs from person to person based on what side and what angle it is seen from. Although some may wish to only see part of it, or rather choose to accept part of it, while others face it head on, truth is absolute. It is what it is.

And though we as individuals may not like it, or the parts that we see of it, we must all eventually face it. Although life is often made much easier when we come to accept the truth, and live with it, rather than to fight the tide or swim away from it, the truth is something that we must all eventually learn to face ourselves. Though truth and its consequences may not always be pretty, it does not mean that we should dwell on those negative facets. Rather, we should acknowledge them, and understand that everything in this world is possible, no matter how far out of reach in space and time, because in the end, none of those exists.

Although some may claim to know the truth in this world, we know only what we are allowed to know, no more, no less. Even when we are allowed to know certain things, not even that bit of knowledge may be the truth for we are guided as God wishes us to be guided, through his choice and ours. No matter how much intuition and sense of knowing we as individuals claim to have, in the end we know nothing except what we are allowed to know.

We must learn not to see and show the truth through a kaleidoscope, and thus press our version of the truth on others, but rather shift it into focus, so that all may see clearly. Through clear hearts and clear minds there are no misunderstandings.


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