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It Will Cost You

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Time magazine cover, The Cult of ScientologyIt has come to my attention that some churches actually charge money in order to be part of that church, in order to gain the so called knowledge that church has to offer. Some claim it is for the upkeep of the buildings they operate or for the subsistence of those who teach in such churches, but others readily admit that it is because “nothing is worth learning unless it is paid for.” In other words, people would not hold true value in the knowledge that such churches have to offer if they were not willing to pay money for it. I ask you, would you deny someone who had no money to offer for such “knowledge.” Where do you draw the line between those who are deserving to know what you have to offer with those who may not be worthy? Who is to say that one is worthy in the first place, whether you gauge them by the money in their pockets, or the conviction in their heart?

Is not everyone privy to such “knowledge” if their hearts and minds are open to learning and accepting? Who is to say what you offer is the truth in the first place? Could it not be that you have been misguided? Could it be that you do not really offer the truth, but instead you sell lies? Could it be that you try to justify your means, rather than doing what you know is right? Could it be that you only know part of the truth, and that those you deny can offer you the rest?


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