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Inspired to Action

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Each has their own choice and free will, yes. That does not mean however that one should remain unbiased or unmoved if one sees a person about to make a choice that is unwise, and perhaps unnecessary as seen by the eyes and heart of the observer. Sure the ultimate decision lay with each person and with God alone, but that does not mean we should sit idly by as one makes a bad decision. Each is given a heart to guide them in their choices, but not always does a person listen.

Whether the other person is just foolish or hasty, this does not mean we should sit and watch that person make a poor choice. Speak up. Speak the truth, and then say no more.

Choices and actions should be made only once we have all of the relevant information before us. Make no assumptions. Make no guesses. Stop. Listen, and surely an answer will be given. Our hearts drive us to the answer, but they also drive us to action.

Do not be afraid to act for surely those who act will see the fruits of change.


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