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Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children – Says Who?

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rainbow childrenWho cares? Why do so many people need to label things? Do you really think it changes anything? Do you really think that it makes a child more special to be called an Indigo Child or a Crystal Child? Do you really think your child is more special than the next child? Do you think it makes you more special? You are responsible for what your child learns and for what other children and other people around you for that matter, learn from you, whether it is good or bad. You are accountable. Be careful what it is you do because what you say and do will follow you.

Who is to say these things exist in the first place? Are we so bored and so starved for attention and the need to be important that we will search for things to make us special? Children are special in their own right. They come into this world without any preconceived ideas of what life should be like, until we get a hold of them. It is up to us to raise them, to teach them, and to guide them. Don’t let your inadequacies and inability to find yourself lead you to live your life through your child. Their life is their life, and your life is your life. One day when you are gone, they will have to make their own choices and their own decisions. And it is they who will be accountable for their own choices – partly based on what you have taught them as parents and teachers.


Written by Sidewalk Bends

December 10, 2008 at 7:29 am

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