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I Thought You Would Say That

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You preach free will and choice and in the same breath you prophesize and tell of futures not yet known or come to pass. You say you know, but you only know what you want to know. You say you speak with an open mind, but your heart is closed. You make claims and assumptions based on others’ claims and assumptions; a tower of lies built on sand. You say it is written, but you have no idea who wrote anything. Your excuse is it’s God’s way, or it’s God’s plan, but you don’t know God. You don’t know yourself. You think all you do is harmless, but others follow suit. You think you are just sharing an idea, but you haven’t thought out the consequences. You say you don’t have a motive, but your words betray you. You say you don’t want to be known, but your name is bright as lights. You claim that the message is as clear as day if you read between the lines. And so I look and I read between the lines. What I see is nothing, a blank space. I see someone trying to play God, trying to be someone. I see choices yet to be made and a future yet to be written. I see nothing but free will.


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