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In life, we can spend a great deal of time looking towards the past or towards the future. Although we can certainly learn a great deal from our past mistakes, and although we can hope to avoid future pitfalls, we must remember that in the end, we must live life for today.

The past often holds memories that we will certainly cherish, but all too often, it also holds memories fraught with pain and heartache. And though we wish we could change or prevent those hurtful times, they are a part of us. We should not deny them, nor bury them deep inside, but rather we must learn to take away the positive, and use it in our daily lives. There are certainly lessons in everything we do, but it is up to us to look for them, and not let them pass us by – for surely there will be a time when we will hearken back to those moments to help us through another hurdle in our life, or a hurdle in the life of someone around us. Although we must not forget what the past holds, we must also not dwell in it. A hole is a hole no matter how deep. We must not keep burying ourselves, but instead learn to sweep the hurt aside so that a new and stronger foundation can be built. Build it with happy memories. Build it with love.

Just as we can sometimes dwell in the past, some of us are also guilty of dwelling in the future. The mind wanders and as it does, it marvels at all the things it could have, and all the things it could lose. Promises are made. Plans are drawn out. But in the end, no one knows what will be, except One. Sure, hope is a great thing, as it drives us to do beautiful things and helps us to endure. However, beyond hope, there is something called trust. We must learn to trust that no matter what happens in this life, we will be provided for. And though it may not be in a form we would expect or even want, we must learn to trust nonetheless. That is not to say we should live life irresponsibly or recklessly. It simply means there is only so much that we know. Because of that, we must learn to trust, for a world without trust is a world with contempt.

So in the end – Remember the past. Have hope for the future, but live life for today. Live life for each moment.


Written by Sidewalk Bends

December 10, 2008 at 7:04 am

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