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It is truly awesome when we can all share a common goal for changing things for the better, whether it is feeding the poor or coming together in peace. But are those goals cheapened or lessened if there are less people who believe, or less people who put energy into such en devours? We’ve become a world of more is better, and for some reason we’ve brought that into many aspects of our lives. I’ll share something that is interesting. While I was writing this paragraph, “feeding the poor” actually came out as “feeding the power.” It’s an interesting typo isn’t it? I had reread the sentence after I wrote it and was surprised by what came out. Maybe it says something about me, or maybe that is what some people are doing, when they participate in such group efforts. Some may be true to heart, but others, may be feeding their egos, feeding the power that they think they hold?


Are our individual efforts lessened if there is one less person who believes? Would the truth be any less the truth if one less person believed? Isn’t the truth still the truth even if 2 people out of 100 believe in it, and 98 disagreed? We have become so concerned about the power of numbers, that we forget that we can each make a change as individuals. We can all contribute, in our time, and in our own way. One person’s efforts are not spoiled because he stands alone.

If change is meant to happen, will it not happen when it is meant to happen, in God’s time, with God’s will? God’s energy is infinite. We are finite.


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