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Don’t Let Life Pass You By

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How many chances do we get to make things right, to do the things we never did, to say the things we always held back? Sometimes we only get that one pass, and other times I feel we’re given a second chance and maybe even a third chance. How many will make the best of it though? I’m sure most of us know at least one person, or maybe it’s even you, who has been given a second chance at life. It’s easy sometimes to live your life thinking you are invincible, or just to live your life without much care to what is going on around you. One day something happens, an accident, an illness, and then all things come rushing in. Suddenly there is this moment of clarity, that maybe what we have been doing, or the way we have been living our lives wasn’t really the way it should have been. We forget that sometimes, that this life is given to us. We take it for granted that we will all live long productive lives just the way we want. It doesn’t seem to quite happen like that though.

We’ve got one pass through this life and sometimes we throw it away, by either living it for another person or for living it recklessly. Some of us wait for that defining moment to hit us in the butt and get us into gear, but should it really take our lives flashing before us to finally live. How many warnings do we need? How many times do we need to be shown before we answer the call? Maybe sometimes we just need to slow down. Maybe we need to remember to look inward instead of out at the world to compare what everyone else is doing. In the end, it will be us who will have to live with our choices; no one else.


Written by Sidewalk Bends

December 10, 2008 at 7:44 am

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