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Burnt Toast

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Mumblings of a mad man:

When does faith become desperation? At what point does faith become so altered that we would find signs in everything we looked at, even if they were not there? Who is to say they are there or not there in the first place? If we as individuals find meaning in the things we do, see or experience, who is to judge how it affects us?

What one sees as a distraction, one may see as a nudge to point them in the right direction. Though there are things in our lives that certainly help to guide us toward some meaning in our lives, we must not allow those experiences to hold us back. Rather they should propel us towards a greater duty, to a greater sense of being or understanding. At the same time however, we must not let our lives be about the constant search for proof or signs, otherwise we begin to lose sight of what truly matters. There comes a time when we have to learn to trust ourselves and to trust that God is leading us in the right direction. Without that trust, we are relegated as bystanders on the side of the road that is life, constantly searching for signs that may or may not help. Not all signs are arrows that point you in a specific direction. Some say “stop.” Others say “proceed with caution,” and others may make no sense at all, because not everything is a “sign,” and not all signs are for you.

There are only so many ways we can be told or shown something before we have to make a choice to either truly believe or not. At some point we have to take those steps by ourselves, otherwise you might as well look at the patterns on your burnt toast for answers.


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