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Because it Needed to Be Said

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People suffer around the world all the time, and yet we only pay attention to those who would be brave enough to ask for help. We only seem to notice those who can scream the loudest. Do not many suffer and go unnoticed? Do not many suffer and are afraid to seek help? Why then should we wait to be asked before we can lend support? Why then must we be asked before we will stick our necks up? Are you afraid of being wrong? Are you afraid of making yourself a fool? Are you afraid that your help will be unwelcome? You say you agree with me, but you turn off the television when the images don’t suit your tastes. You say you agree with me, but yet you question whether one is deserving of your help and compassion. Fool yourself if you wish.

We have all faced our own trials. For each of us in those moments of weakness or strength, we find out who we are. Do not others go through the same ordeal? Do not the wicked suffer? Do not the unknown suffer? Do not the forgotten suffer? When will they be deserving of your heart? Must they seek forgiveness and repentance before they can stand before you? Let us not judge those who would later come to judge us.


Written by Sidewalk Bends

December 10, 2008 at 8:15 am

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