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Admitting Error

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Many people think that they are right because for many, not doing so would shake the very core of their existence, the very core of their beliefs. It’s an amazing thing to go through life believing in one thing, only to find out that it’s entirely wrong, or that it was a lie. If something so central to who we are is wrong (religion being one of them for a lot of people), then what else could be wrong? That’s a question that can be scary for those who do not wish to face the truth, or for those who wish to deny it.

Yet for others it gives one a sense of superiority over another. The if I’m right, then you must be wrong attitude. In a world where winning at all cost is placed above learning and the respect of others, it’s easy to lose sight of what matters most. We forget that this is a training ground so to speak.

The fact of the matter is we are all people in the end. And as such, none of us are perfect. We will fall. We will stumble. We will make mistakes. All we can hope for is that we are allowed to get up again and give it another go in the hopes of correcting our ways.


Written by Sidewalk Bends

December 10, 2008 at 7:01 am

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