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It is interesting to see how many churches and religions say they accept the other, but then they turn their back to those who believe differently. Each claims their rightful place as the definitive church. Today that was repeated when the pope issued a statement essentially saying that the Catholic Church is the only real church because it claims to be able to trace its lineage back to Jesus, and that Jesus created the first church.

Did Jesus really create the first church? I don’t seem to recall Jesus building monuments to his belief system, nor do I seem to remember Jesus trying to divide people. If I remember correctly, he gathered with everyone who would care to gather with him to pray the lord’s prayer. It seems to me those who would dare to lead have forgotten that. It seems to me that those who would dare to lead have forgotten that they have a flock to tend to. It seems to me some think they are above others.

In all religions there is this habit of looking at past doctrine. But how far do they look back? Do they only look back enough so that they feel comfortable in their own beliefs, or do they truly try to understand what was taught before them? Why the old testament and new testament? Why keep some books and writings and reject others? Who says one is holier than the other? What do they hide? Do they hide the truth? Do they even ask themselves if what they hide is the truth? What are they afraid of if not losing their power, or their influence over the people? If one spoke the truth, would they not gather people to them and not away? You can’t claim to preach love with one hand and then use the other to divide. Or rather you can, but I wouldn’t want to have to answer for that one.


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