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A Child So Innocent

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Why is it that some of us feel so miserable when things in our lives seem to be going so well? There are so many people who feel sad and beaten down despite having a home to live, cars to drive, food to eat, and even family and friends who love them. Could it be that there is more to this life than our possessions and even the number of folks we think we can claim as friends? Perhaps some are disheartened because they don’t like who they have become, or because they are unhappy with who they have failed to become. Perhaps some try to live their lives by the standards and dreams of others rather than living their lives for themselves.

Our time is so short here, and from the get go, some of us are thrown or shoved down a road we know nothing about. We’re told we need to go to school x many years and work at a place for x many years before we can achieve what we’re told is the ideal dream. But who is it ideal for? We don’t take any of it with us. Just as our bodies wither, our cars rust, our houses go to shambles, our food rots, and what are we left with? We place so much value on collecting things. It doesn’t even end with possessions.  Some of us even carry it on to our friends and to our family, to the point that we begin to count our friends, or the people who we think are our friends anyway.

They do not belong to us do they? People come in and out of our lives all the time, hopefully to show us a thing or two. Some will leave for good, and others will come and go. All the while, we try to make sense of it. I’m sure if each of us thought long and hard and tried to remember when we were children, we all had dreams. We all had notions of what this life was about. Perhaps it’s time to return to that moment in our lives, a moment when we weren’t so jaded, a time of unknowing clarity. Maybe it’s time to live again.


Written by Sidewalk Bends

December 10, 2008 at 7:43 am

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